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Current Positions

Volunteer Advocate

Position Summary

When LPS members arrive at the scene of a crime, victims are there, waiting for reassurance, information, and support. Although victims are most certainly a priority, the officers must focus on investigating the crime. This is when Victim Services units step in.
The objective of Lacombe Police Service Victim Services Program is to:

  • Lessen the impact of crime and trauma on victims and their families and to assist them in their recovery.
  • Enhance victim safety and help reduce the risk of further victimization;
  • Increase victims’ level of participation in t he criminal justice system;
  • Prepare victims acting as witnesses for court proceedings.

Victim advocates have three main goals: to provide support, information and referral to victims of crime or tragedy through crisis intervention and timely follow up. Advocates do not provide counselling. Advocates are trained for crises support and intervention in situations of assault, hate crimes, property crimes, robbery, sexual assault, stalking and harassment, family violence, bereavement and sudden death. Our unit provides invaluable assistance to victims that are often confused, overwhelmed and unsure of how to react after a crime. Without Victim Services, many victims would be unsure of what to do, where to go, and how to deal with the emotional trauma surrounding a crime or tragedy.

On average it takes approximately 6 months for an Advocate to get their security clearance and complete their Basic online Training. Once the security clearance comes through, and office orientation at LPS will take place with our staff and the new advocate will be paired up with a senior Advocate to train with.

Role of an Advocate

  • To provide practical assistance and non-judgmental emotional support to victims of crime or tragedy. This service can be provided through follow up or immediate crisis intervention at the request of Lacombe Police Service.
  • To be part of a crisis intervention team that is available to assist victims after hours and on weekends, on a rotating schedule.
  • To provide appropriate support to victims, as well as assistance in the delivery, explanation and follow-up of victim impact statements, applications for financial benefits and claims for restitution.
  • To keep victims informed of proceedings with the criminal justice system.
  • To provide information on and referrals to, other community agencies who act as useful resources for the victim.
  • Self-scheduled follow-up with the victims as required, including follow up phone calls and updating the victim file wither by writing these by hand, calling or emailing information into the office staff.
  • To provide victims with appropriate educational and preventive information.
  • Maintenance of confidentiality at all times.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Familiarization with the victim advocates manual and all related Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association (APBVSA) operational policies.
  • Assistance with the configuration of a month schedule for assigned on- call teams.
  • The use of discretion and common sense to determine what immediate assistance might be useful to a victim.
  • To provide “face to face” contact with the victim whenever possible.
  • The collection and return of pager/phone used while on-call.
  • Fundraising by means of the Annual Comedy Cabaret, Charity Check stop, and any other fundraising opportunities throughout the year.
  • Assist with decorating a float for the Lacombe Days Parade and participate if needed.
  • Advocates will maintain detailed records of volunteer hours and submit them quarterly: on call hours, call outs (direct assistance to victims), training, fundraising, public awareness, court preparation and accompaniment and administrative duties.


  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Successfully pass the online E-learning advocacy course as required by the Solicitor General.
  • Ongoing training provided and funded by the program.
  • The signing of an oath of confidentiality
  • The accurate completion of all security clearance forms for Lacombe Police Service
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Commitment of two years following the completion of training
  • Commitment of 10 meetings per year (we do not meet in July/Aug)
  • Commitment to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to provide non-judgmental support
  • The ability to work in stressful situations
  • The maintenance of a high degree of professionalism, including dressing in a business/casual fashion, punctuality and the positive promotion of Lacombe Victim Services
  • Have belief in the value and support for the victims of crime and tragedy

Board of Director Position

Our Board of Directors meet once a month. Board members do not meet in July or August. We meet the last Tuesday of the month.

There are a number of positions on the Board including President and Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, LPS Liaison and several Director Positions. Terms for Board members are two (2) years in length and these can be renewed if desired.

Although we have a few projects a year that may require extra time, most Board members say that realistically their time commitment to Victim Services rarely exceeds four hours a month.

We encourage people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to become Board members as this diversity contributes to the quality of our program and our Board.

Board Members must satisfy a Criminal Records check. Board Members do not have access to victim files and are not involved in the day-to-day operation of our Victim Service Unit.

Training is provided to Board members by the Alberta Solicitor General. This training is usually held twice a year and our program pays for any training costs incurred.

Board Members help raise awareness of our Victim Service unit in our community at different events throughout the year. This includes events such as our Annual Comedy Cabaret. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that our program has the required funds to continue to operate. The Board assists the Program Manager in completing Grant applications, and sustaining municipal funding.

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